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ALEX Anti-Phishing Awareness
October 13, 2023

There have been numerous reports about phishing attacks across the crypto community and ALEX is no exception.

As protocols like ALEX gain traction within Bitcoin and other communities, broader adoption unfortunately also attracts malicious actors.

Anti-phishing warnings are frequently posted on our Discord. Recently we have seen a surge in attacks reported by our users.

We urge exceptional caution to ensure the security of your digital assets. Always verify sources and be wary of suspicious communications.

Principles for Anti-Phishing

ALEX will NEVER ask for your KEY/PASS PHRASE under ANY Circumstances.

This is the common denominator of 99% of phishing attempts and involves two steps:

  1. First the scammer will attempt to lower your guard through an email that superficially appears to be from ALEX, or with a message impersonating an ALEX community member, or by creating a fake TG channel, Discord or X/Twitter “ALEX Help” account.
  2. You’ll be directed to a link, where in order to “claim your airdop/NFT” or to “receive assistance” you’ll be asked to “validate your wallet” by enter your Key/Pass Phrase. The scam website will be designed to look like a wallet portal. Then your wallet is drained.

**Users requesting help are the most likely to be targeted by phishing scams**

Golden Rule: NEVER enter your passphrase online.

Only use the our Official Websites to access ALEX

Always double check the domain your are connected to. Any variation “” is a scam website.

CHECK the ALEX team member Telegram handle BEFORE you engage in conversation with them

  • Nicola Telegram handle: @nikola4888
  • Cryptonian Telegram handle: @Cryptonian001
  • Lee Telegram handle: @qweasd2949

Beware of any variation, i.e. “@nik0la488.” Our team will not send you files to open, request remote log-in to your computer to assist, request tokens or send you to any portals/website that requires “wallet validation” or private keys to receive help.

Join our Community ONLY via the following link

There exist numerous false Telegram channels, Discord servers and X/Twitter pages and more are likely to be created. These false account will use bots to shows thousands of followers, echo our announcements, and wait to post scam links.


The only emails you should ever received from ALEX are from out bi-monthly newsletter, from the email address:

Even if you received a email that appears to come directly from ALEX, or a message from what appears to be an ALEX member, remember that ALEX will NEVER:

  • Direct you to any site, wallet, or portal that requires you to enter your Key/Passphrase.
  • Request remote access to your device to assist you
  • Ask you to open an executeable file

Official Supported Wallets

Leather Wallet:

Xverse Wallet:

OKX Web3 Wallet:

No other wallets are supported by ALEX at the time, and any attempt to have you connect to you is certain to be a phishing scam.

In Closing

The freedom of permissionless and self-custodied finance requires constant vigilance and caution. Always verify any attempt to contact you, be suspicious of attempts to help, and NEVER enter your key/passphrase on anywhere online.