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ALEX Brand Guidelines
December 29, 2021

In order to ensure the consistency of the ALEX Bitcoin DeFi brand/image as it is displayed across different media, please have the use of the ALEX brand image comply with the brand guidelines. The contents of this guide include the design features, colors, and font specifications of the ALEX brand logo, as well as details regarding how to use them to meet the requirements.

You can also download our media kit directly here: ALEX Media Kit


The vision of ALEX is to be the gold standard of decentralized finance, providing truly permissionless and trustless financial services without intermediaries. The ALEX brand is based on this vision.

The design of the logo graphic is based on the classic standard grid, using minimalist yet futuristic line geometries to create the brand image of ALEX.


Branding & Logo

Logo static resources include PNG/AI format files

Token Design

Branding Color

The ALEX brand uses the primary and auxiliary colors derived from the logo.


The “Red Hat Display” font family is used in promotional materials, digital advertisements and other printed materials. This font family has various weights, including Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black. All font weights are also provided in italics.

Auxiliary Graphics

Auxiliary graphics can only be displayed as secondary or auxiliary design elements, and should not overwhelm or dominate the design. Auxiliary graphics can be rotated and scaled proportionally, yet must maintain a secondary or auxiliary visual presence.

The use of auxiliary graphics must not conflict with other branding guidelines.

Third-party usage
Zoom Background

YouTube Background

Social media profile

Banner Template


The application of the logo can be done on paper, letters, envelopes, shopping bags, mail signatures, business cards, T-shirts, paper cups and coffee cups.

Keynote and PowerPoint Templates

Download (coming soon)

You are welcome to use ALEX Media Branding kit, if you do not find what you need on this page, please contact our media team:

*By downloading the ALEX Media kit you agree to following our brand guidelines, related graphics and image usage specifications.