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ALEX Bridge: Testnet Guide
April 7, 2023

The ALEX Lab Foundation is launching the ALEX Bridge Testnet on Friday, April 7th at 5AM EST. ALEX Bridge will enable users to move wrapped USDT between the Stacks and Ethereum networks.

Our goal is always to build together with our community. Your testing experience and feedback create a better and more robust bridge.

Community members who participate in testing, provide feedback and help us improve the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem will be rewarded. Please see below on how to join us in this journey.


  • The ALEX Bridge Testnet is open to everyone that joined the Whitelist before Thursday, April 6th, 2AM EST.
  • In case of any issues, bugs or suggestions for improvements, please post on the ALEX Governance forum.
  • Make sure to include your STX, testnet wallet address with the following format: Stacks address:{Insert your wallet testnet address within the brackets}
    at the end of the description of each issue you report.
  • Submitted issues that do not have a Whitelisted wallet address will not be eligible for rewards, so please double check your submissions before sending.
  • As issues are reported, the team will review and rate them based on their severity/value to the protocol.
  • Participants who log feedback and receive ratings will be rewarded at the conclusion of the Testnet.
  • STX wallet addresses along with your total rewards earned will be added to ALEX Governance Forum at a future date.
  • Once ratings have been finalized and calculated the rewards distribution will be announced on our Discord channel.
  • By participating in the ALEX Bridge Testnet you agree to the terms & conditions listed on the website.

How to set up the Bridge Testnet Network

  1. Make sure you have set your Hiro or Xverse wallet to ALEX TESTNET.
  2. Make sure you have switched your Metamask wallet to Ethereum Sepolia TESTNET.

Connecting to ALEX Testnet (Ended)

To use the Testnet you must first make sure you have switched from the Stacks Mainnet to the ALEX Testnet. You’ll need to enter:

Name: alextestAddress: Key: alextest

Connecting to Sepolia Testnet

How to send your sUSDT from STACKS to USDT on Ethereum?

  1. Connect both your Metamask and Hiro or Xverse Wallet on the Bridge Testnet Page.

2. Enter the amount to wrap in the “STACKS Chain” Input Box.

3. Click “Unwrap”, and you are set.

4. Wrapping between STACKS and ETHEREUM takes time to settle, Bridge will give you the “Estimated Time of Wrapping” in the confirmation Pop-up.

How to receive Testnet sUSDT on Stacks Chain?

The whitelist sign up for bridge testnet is currently complete, If you have already joined the “blocksurvey” before, you DO NOT need to sign up for the Whitelist again. The FAUCET will automatically distribute sUSDT and test STX to your Testnet wallet.

How to wrap your USDT from Ethereum to sUSDT on STACKS?

  1. Connect both of your Metamask and Hiro or Xverse wallet. Click the “switch” sign to change the wrap route from ETH to Stacks.

2. Enter the amount to wrap within the “Ethereum Chain” Input Box.

3. Make sure you have a sufficient gas fee on “ETH Sepolia TESTNET” (GAS=SepoliaETH)

4. If you don’t have sufficient GAS FEE on Sepolia, please see the below link to get SepoliaETH.

Link to receive FAUCET ETH from Sepolia Faucet here.