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ALEX Orderbook Whitelist
August 2, 2022

What is the ALEX Orderbook?

ALEX Orderbook inaugurates our scalability solution. It is the non-custodial, hybrid on-chain/off-chain order-matching engine for decentralized exchanges.

The Orderbook enables fast confirmation without sacrificing the security of trade settlement on Bitcoin.

Our aim is to integrate the intuitive UI/UX user experience of centralized exchanges (CEX) with the security and transparency of decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Why is this Testnet release important?

The ALEX Orderbook Testnet is launched with the sole purpose of improving ALEX products through community feedback. This is the first time a hybrid orderbook protocol will be connected to the Stacks blockchain.

During the testnet, our community will be able to test and familiarize themselves with:

  • ALEX2 functionalities
  • Providing feedback to earn rewards
  • Assisting the ALEX team in continuous improvement through iteration.

Testing the ALEX Orderbook

You will need testnet tokens to test the Orderbook. Testnet tokens will be distributed for the testing xBTC/xUSD, STX/xUSD and ALEX/xUSD pairs.

A whitelist application and Testnet tokens are available on the ALEX Orderbook homepage. Once you have your testnet tokens, you’ll be ready begin your testnet experience

Update: The BRC-20 Order is already LIVE:

Your Next Steps:

First, sign up for the Whitelist on the ALEX OrderBook page and follow the subsequent steps:

  • Enter your Stacks address and email address.
  • You will receive the whitelist from ALEX Lab Foundation.
  • That’s it!

In the coming weeks, the ALEX Lab Foundation will be sending you important information required to claim any rewards. So please be attentive to your inbox.

You will be notified upon approval of your whitelisting and the Orderbook faucet will automatically send you initial funds on the Testnet so that you can use the DEX right away.

In order to see your funds, please ensure you are on our Testnet Network. (Details coming soon) Then,

  1. Transfer the funds to your ALEX OrderBook account by selecting the “Deposit” button on the Orderbook screen, and follow the instructions.

Once you are successfully connected and have funded your Orderbook, you’ll be able to:

  • Place limit orders for both buys and sells.
  • Watch the graph for real-time updates.
  • Cancel orders.
  • Check your order and trading history. (soon to be released)

As you are testing please be sure to keep track (please include a screenshot if possible) of any issues you encounter relay them to the ALEX team, either through our Discord, Telegram channels or email: .

From Testnet to Mainnet

Over next few days/weeks expect to see us adding more features and fine-tuning the Orderbook experience. As soon as we are satisfied with the stability and functionality, the Orderbook will be rolled out to the Mainnet.

Get ready to experience speed and scalability as the Orderbook test-drive is just a few days away!

The ALEX2 Testnet will continue developing a culture of community feedback that is integral to the protocol itself. The Orderbook launch is a significant milestone, but it is just the very beginning of ALEX2.