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ALEX2 Orderbook: Testnet Guide (ENDED)
August 5, 2022

The ALEX Lab Foundation is launching the Orderbook Testnet imminently. Our goal is always to build together. With your test and feedback, we will create a better protocol.

Community members who participate in testing, provide feedback and help us improve will be rewarded. Please see below on how to join us in this journey.


  • The OrderBook Testnet is open to everyone that joins the Whitelist. (The Orderbook is already LIVE.)
  • In case of any issues, bugs or suggestions for improvements, please post on the ALEX Governance forum.
  • Make sure to include your STX wallet address with the following format: Stacks address:{Insert your wallet address within the brackets}
    at the end of the description of each issue you report.
  • Submitted issues that do not have a Whitelisted wallet address will not be eligible for rewards, so please double check your submissions before sending.
  • As issues are reported, the team will review and rate them based on their severity/value to the protocol.
  • Participants who log feedback and receive ratings will be rewarded every 10 cycles based on the rating level.
  • STX wallet addresses along with your total rewards earned will be added to ALEX Governance Forum at a future date.
  • Once ratings have been finalized and calculated the rewards distribution will be announced on our Discord channel.
  • By participating in the Orderbook Testnet you agree to the terms & conditions listed on the website.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. To use the Orderbook you must first make sure you have switched from the Stacks Mainnet to the ALEX Testnet. You’ll need to enter:

Name: alextest
Key: alextest

2. If you have signed up for the Orderbook Whitelist and received an approval email, you should receive test tokens in your testnet wallet.

3. You will need to manually make a deposit from your testnet wallet into your testnet trading account. By selecting the “Deposit” button, the prompt will guide you to completing the deposit process.

4. You can deposit multiple tokens in a single transaction by selecting “add a token” and choosing the tokens you want to deposit.

5. The deposit process requires an on-chain transaction to receive confirmation. This normally takes 10–15 mins in the testnet environment (this is because we are using same blocktime as mainnet).

6. Upon successful deposit of your testnet funds into your trading account, you are set to begin trading with lightning-fast confirmation.

7. At the initial stage we support limit orders only, which requires setting an exact token price (the limit price) and amount when placing an order.

8. You can switch token pairs at the Token information bar. Currently we support 3 token pairs in Testnet.

Reward Model

Description of Levels

Level 1

Includes high-level vulnerabilities, such as those that can be exploited remotely without authentication. These vulnerabilities can cause serious problems for users if left unfixed. For example, an attacker could gain unauthorized access to sensitive device information.

Also included are critical user-experience issues such as:

  • Balance not updated in a timely manner
  • Failure to receive relevant notifications in a timely manner
  • Incorrect trading price being triggered

Level 2

Comprises medium-level vulnerabilities that can cause serious problems, but do not necessarily lead to any asset loss or data manipulation. For example:

  • Orderbook not accepting well-formed orders
  • New users not able to join the Testnet

Level 3

Provides suggestions that will be considered for future implementation. These fixes are not critical, but are aesthetically valuable in adding polish and professionalism to the final protocol appearance. Examples are:

  • UI improvements such as catching typos/grammatical errors, misaligned graphics, poor design decisions, etc.

Level 4

Covers issues that already have been made aware of and have chosen to fix in subsequent testnet iterations.


  1. Please note that the rating is at the discretion of ALEX Lab Foundation. It is based on the team’s view of how valuable the feedback is to the product. The team’s rating decisions will be final. Sometimes during development, we may leave some fixes pending intentionally to add them in future iterations based on our project timelines and availability of resources. If you happen to report these as a bug, we are likely to only ‘acknowledge’ them as we are aware of these issues from earlier feedback.
  2. If you find a bug that is truly critical and can cause potential loss of assets from the system, please refrain from logging it on the public forum. Instead, please reach out to the team personally or log it through the ‘Bug Bounty Program’ which will soon go live in collaboration with Immunefi.

Top Testers

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, the top three testers during each testnet period will receive a bonus percentage of the rewards on top of the eligible rewards described below:


We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the testnet rewards program. Please contact a team member through our Discord/Telegram channel with any questions/concerns.

Our official channels are: