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AutoALEX & APower Distribution
May 3, 2022

The introduction of AutoALEX (atALEX) has generated considerable excitement in our community. This article aims to clarify the rules regarding APower distribution to atALEX holders; which are the supporters of our Bitcoin DeFi movement.

APower is a non-transferrable and non-tradable token, earned exclusively by $ALEX stakes, atALEX holders and yield farmers. APower is required for access to emerging projects that are going to IDO on ALEX. APower assures projects that by launching on ALEX they will be connected exclusively to our core community of committed token holders.

atALEX holders are not at any disadvantage compared to $ALEX stakers in accumulating APower, all that changes is the method of distribution. As atALEX is not locked in a staking contract the way staked $ALEX and yield farming tokens are, it must be distributed differently according to the below rules and proceed:


  • A random snapshot will be taken every cycle. The cool down between snapshots will be greater than 300 Stacks blocks. A rewards cycle is 525 blocks, ~3.5 days, so 300 blocks comes to~2 days.
  • AutoALEX eligible for APower includes both atALEX held in your wallet as well as atALEX-ALEX LP token amounts. In the future collateralized atALEX will also be included when lend/borrow is launched.
  • The APower distribution amount will be calculated as: APower accumulated =the sum of (APower earned per atALEX for each cycle * your eligible atALEX amount).
  • Apower will begin accumulating from Stacks block #57626, which is atALEX cycle#1; the first snapshot will be taken during atALEX cycle#2.


  • APower distribution will be handled by the ALEX Foundation and done prior to upcoming IDOs by new projects. When new IDOs are announced the APower distribution date will be announced as well.

APower can’t be transferred or traded, it’s only utility is as an IDO access token, which is why distribution prior to each IDO is the ideal timing.