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B20 User Guide
May 13, 2023

Please note the following Disclaimer for B20 By ALEX©, a decentralized exchange for BRC20 tokens

1. The ALEXLab Foundation and the exchange do not favor or sponsor any listed tokens.

2. Larger market cap tokens that haven’t applied for listing can still be listed if their token holders submitting the application and provide initial liquidity.

3. The current listing criteria are based on a first-come, first-served (FCFS) basis. We will gradually transition to permissionless listing. As such, the platform does not favor any specific tokens.

4. Users are advised to conduct their own research before trading.

Trade responsibly and exercise caution.

Timeline for B20 By ALEX

  1. ALEX Bridge from Binance Smart Chain BSC to Stacks, will be open on May 14 at 11pm EST. Users can transfer USDT to sUSDT (Stacks).
  2. sUSDT will be the base currency to trade against all BRC20 tokens. sUSDT deposit will be open on May 15 at 3am EST. To acquire sUSDT, you can use either the ALEX Bridge or the ALEX Swap pool.
  3. A snapshot will be taken 48 hours later, recording your sUSDT deposited in the orderbook.

Please note that sUSDT in your wallet will not be counted, only the amount deposited in orderbook will be considered.

Select “Add a token”
Select Deposit

4. The Airdrop, consisting of a pool of the first 4 listed tokens: PIZA, MAXI, LONG, SHNT, willl be distributed to users in proportion to the balance on B20 at the time of the snapshot.

5. Trading is set to begin on May 17 at 3 AM EST.

6. Deposit of BRC20/BTC (whitelisted peg-in) will open 24 hours after trading starts, on May 17 at 3am EST. The ALEXLab Foundation will provide STX to cover ecosystem gas fees to new joiners.

7. Withdrawal (i.e. whitelisted peg-out) will open 24 hours after deposit starts, on May 18 at 3 AM EST.

Why do we need to Whitelist?

As this is the initial version of B20 By ALEX, we are still optimizing for capacity.

During this early stage capacity limits us to a quota of 100 whitelist peg-in & peg-out transactions per day.

Please note, to ensure fairness to all users, those who are whitelisted but do not initiate any transaction may lose their whitelisting for a day and be required to apply again.