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Decentralizing ALEX Launchpad: A Step Forward in Community Governance
July 21, 2023

As part of ALEX Bitcoin DeFi’s commitment to progressively decentralize governance, we’re taking a leap forward with the introduction of the Decentralized Launchpad. From tokenomics amendments passed by community votes, permissionless listing of AMA pools, determining farming rewards, to permissionless listings of BRC20 tokens on the B20 Orderbook, our dedication to collective decision-making remains robust. Now, we’re thrilled to take this approach one step further by decentralizing the ALEX Launchpad itself.

The Decentralized Launchpad offers an open invitation to everyone. We’ve devised a comprehensive application and review process that hands decision-making power to our community of $ALEX and $atALEX holders. Each project application will be meticulously reviewed, ranked, and ultimately decided upon by our collective of token holders.

The entire process unfolds as follows:

1. Application:

Any project can apply to our launchpad anytime by filling out our application form. The ALEX Lab Foundation ensures that applications are comprehensive and spam-free before sharing them with our community through our dedicated communication channels.

2. Project Consideration Vote:

Among the listed applications, our community will decide which project deserves further consideration for launch. The highest-voted project ascends as the next potential launchpad candidate.

3. Project Approval Vote:

A discord community discussion channel will be created for each candidate project, enabling direct interaction between project leaders and our community.

Following a week-long discussion period and a public AMA session, the community will vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for project launch approval. Voting will be conducted on, with $ALEX and $atALEX holders casting their votes.

If the project is approved, the launch is scheduled.

If the project is rejected, we return to step 2 and another ranking vote is held. A project that is not approved, must wait until another project has launched before they can apply again.

4. Launch

Upon project approval, a launch date is set alongside a fundraising target. From the initial ticket distribution to lottery drawing and DEX trading commencement, the entire launch process could span one to two weeks.

This proposed structure represents our initial guidelines and may be subject to changes based on experience and community feedback. Decentralizing the Launchpad governance symbolizes a crucial stride towards our larger vision of comprehensive protocol governance through ALEX Governance Proposals (AGPs). As always, our community will be kept updated with implementation details and any subsequent changes.

Together, let’s step forward in our shared journey towards the promise of decentralized governance.