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ALEX Newsletter April 16
April 16, 2023

Dear Alexians,

As the ALEX Bridge Incentivized Testnet comes to a close on April 15, 4pm EST, the ALEX Bridge Mainnet is on the horizon! We greatly appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm of our community throughout this crucial phase of development.

Our Twitter and Discord communities continue to thrive with now over 52K followers on Twitter and 34K members on Discord. This number is almost certain to grow as early next week $ALEX is listed on two major CEXs: MEXC and

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Closing of the ALEX Bridge Testnet

The testnet has been a resounding success, with over 5.4K submissions of feedback to our Discourse forum that our team will review, progressively implementing the best suggestions and improvements.

The testnet will remain open until the public mainnet is launched, but the incentivized phase will close.

Further announcements on the launch of ALEX Bridge Mainnet and the Testnet reward distribution will be coming soon.

CEX Listings

ALEX token will be listed on the CEXs MEXC and Gate on April 17.

The best in Bitcoin DeFi is coming to:

  • +6M users in +200 countries on MEXC
  • +8M users in +130 countries through GateIO

Both CEXs rank in the top ten on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Don’t miss a chance to participate in the giveaways and airdrops by the exchanges:

Tweet: MEXC Airdrop Event

Recorded Discord AMA and Twitter Spaces

On March 28, we held a live AMA on Discord covering the ALEX Bridge. That AMA was recorded and has been uploaded to YouTube.

Stacks Twitter Space

On Wednesday, April 5, Chiente, Muneeb Ali and others in Stacks discussed:

  • The ALEX Bridge and ALEX Roadmap ahead
  • Attracting crypto users to ALEX & Stacks Layer
  • Building the Bitcoin economy: Going multi-chain & beyond

Listen to the Recording

We’re in the early stages of unfolding the true potential of Bitcoin DeFi.

ALEX is the DEX of Bitcoin.As Bitcoin layers unleash over $500B in productive capital, ALEX will exceed Uniswap in the Bitcoin economy.

We’re grateful for your support and participation, there will be several exciting announcements in the days to come, so stay connected with our community on:

- Twitter

- Discord

All Roads Lead to Bitcoin.

Best Regards,

ALEX Lab Foundation