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Ordmint Launch Tutorial
June 27, 2023

Ordmint Launch on ALEX Launchpad

ALEX Bitcoin DeFi has designed the launchpad to provide a streamlined experience by using a transparent hybrid on-chain/off-chain model. We’ll first provide a brief overview before going into details:

  • Only a single transaction, which is to validate the tickets, is required from users regardless of the number of tickets being validated.
  • Validation can be done only once per wallet and requires submitting $sUSDT as well as $APower. Only submit once you have come to a final decision on the number of tickets you wish to validate. After validation no further user action is needed.
  • By “on-chain” we mean that the submission of validated tickets as well as the call contract that claims $ORMM tokens or refunds submitted $sUSDT will be done on-chain.
  • The $sUSDT and $APower submitted will be held from submission until the drawing. Winning tickets will swap the $sUSDT for $ORMM at the launch price. Losing tickets will have the $sUSDT sent back to their wallets. In either case the $APower submitted will be burned.

Step 1: Registration

At block-height #111088, that is around 29th June 14:00 HKT, registration will open for the Ordmint Launch on our launchpad.

Each tickets registered will require 50 $sUSDT and the amount of $APower depends on the number of tickets registered:

  • 1st–50th Tickets = 5 $APower per ticket
  • 51st–100th Tickets = 10 $APower per ticket
  • 101st Tickets and above = 15 $APower per ticket

There is no maximum of tickets a wallet can register. Each wallet can only register tickets once. For example, if you register 30 tickets you can not register more tickets at a later time.

After successfully validating tickets, users then wait for the Lottery Drawing stage. No other user action is needed.

Step 2: Lottery Drawing

Once the Lottery Drawing stage is reached at block-height #111788 (Around July 5th 14:00 HKT ) all validated ticket results will be generated automatically indicating if you’ve won or lost.

The ALEX Launchpad uses a hybrid on-chain/off-chain lottery system that provides a smooth and efficient user experience while also ensuring a fully verifiable drawing procedure.

  • For winning tickets, the $sUSDT locked with that ticket will be swapped for $ORMM tokens to your Stacks wallet.
  • For losing tickets, the $sUSDT locked with the ticket will be refunded to the associated wallet immediately. APower is burnt no matter the outcome.

ALEX will automatically send out $ORMM tokens for winning tickets or refunds for losing tickets once the lottery result is generated.

Please be patient with the transaction status on the Stacks blockchain.


You will either win and swap your $sUSDT and receive $ORMM token, or, your $sUSDT will be refunded back to your wallet.

Welcome to the First BRC20 Launchpad

Thank you for your participation and congratulations to all future lottery winners.

Welcome everyone to the ALEX community and the latest evolution of BRC20.