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Pool Migration: How to move your LP from “Migrating” to “Main” pools
August 29, 2023

What is liquidity pool migration?

ALEX Bitcoin DeFi AMM Pools underwent a technical upgrade in May 2023 (following the Stacks 2.1 SIP), to further enhance the stability of the AMM Pool.

Liquid Pools will continue to function as they have before, but users must manually migrate their liquidity from the old “migrating” pool to the new “main pools.”

How does pool migration work?

Due to unfinished LP staking and farming at the time of the upgrade, there are currently two pools in operation for affected token pairs.

The farm emission ($ALEX rewards) for these older “Migrating” AMM pools will gradually shift to the new “Main” pools that were created.

LP tokens staked in farming will continue to operate normally until the migration is completed.

Once the pool migration is complete (around the end of September), there will be no more farm yield for the old “Migrating” pools.

Practical Guide: What should I do during pool migration?

  • It is recommended that you collect your farming reward in a timely manner after every staking cycle finishes (which happens about every 4 days).
  • If you have staked LP tokens you are farming, you will need to wait until the farm staking period is over and then withdraw the LP principle into your wallet.
  • After you claim your LP tokens from farming, DO NOT immediately “Add LP Staking” on the same Farming page.
  • You must first go to the “Pool” page, “Remove Liquidity” from the old “Migrating” pool.
  • Once you receive your tokens, “Add Liquidity” to the new “Main” Pool.
  • To add Liquidity in the New AMM Pool, you can then add liquidity again into the new AMM pool that is displayed on the pool page with the “Main” tag.


  1. Claim your LP tokens on the Farm page once your staking period ends.
  2. Go to the “Pool” page, and remove liquidity from the “Migrating” pool.
  3. Once liquidity is withdrawn, add liquidity to the “Main” pool.
  4. Go to the “Farm page” and stake the new LP tokens.