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Top 10 Ordinal Inscriptions Project in 2023
November 20, 2023

Ordinal Inscriptions as of Nov 20th just crossed Ethereum NFT sales in terms of volume and seems like ordinal NFT season is here and to stay.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 ordinal inscription projects in 2023!

Disclaimer: The ALEX Lab Foundation is a community driven decentralized platform that does not endorse any of the ordinals projects listed below. The ALEX Lab Foundation is in not associated with or sponsored by any of the listed projects.The below list is for educational purposes only, drawn from search engine results and users much do their own research. Ordinals are high risk assets, there is no guarantee of positive return/gains, and participating in any of the below listed projects may result in a partial or total loss of user funds. Participate at your own risk.

What are Ordinal Inscriptions?

Ordinal Inscriptions emerged in early 2023 as a novel method for embedding data directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike traditional blockchain data embedding techniques, Ordinal Inscriptions involve inscribing unique data, such as images or texts, onto individual satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

This process transforms each satoshi into a distinct digital artifact, akin to an NFT, without requiring a separate token or standard. This innovation, however, sparked controversy in the Bitcoin community. Some enthusiasts argue that it could lead to larger block sizes and higher transaction fees, while others see it as a creative expansion of Bitcoin's utility.

Despite the debate, Ordinal inscriptions have highlighted the flexibility of blockchain technology and brought new attention to Bitcoin’s capabilities beyond being just a digital currency.


Top 10 Ordinal Inscriptions Project in 2023 (7 Days Adjusted in November 2023) 

Here are the top Ordinal inscription projects based on Magic Eden (Ordinals marketplace) stats. 

#1: Bitcoin Frogs


Bitcoin Frogs is a limited edition collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles exclusively stored on the Bitcoin blockchain. These one-of-a-kind creatures are here to stay, as no more will ever be generated, making them truly scarce and valuable.

Each frog features an array of traits with equal rarity levels across all layers, enabling enthusiasts to appreciate their aesthetic beauty while hunting for rare combinations.


Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.13 BTC

Supply: 10,000

Number of Owners: 4.4K

Total Volume: 634.6069 BTC


#2: Bitmap


Bitmap is the innovative metaverse protocol built on the robust foundation of Bitcoin. In this community-backed virtual world, each parcel of land symbolizes a specific BTC block number, creating a unique and immersive experience for users.

By purchasing your plot of land on Bitmap today, you can become an integral part of this exciting metaverse, benefiting from the growing popularity and potential value appreciation of Bitcoin. As you explore and interact within this virtual universe, you'll have the opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for crypto and technological innovation.



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.00185 BTC

Supply: 817.6K

Number of Owners: 26.2K

Total Volume: 110.5238 BTC


#3: Goosinals


Goosinals is a dynamic collection of 10,000 unique PFPs meticulously crafted by the renowned artist Dmitri Cherniak. Each piece in this vibrant collection is a testament to creativity and individuality, making it a must-have for digital art enthusiasts.

The best part? Every artwork generated from this software is CC0 licensed, giving you the freedom to remix, print, sell, and even mint them on any blockchain platform you desire. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a budding NFT enthusiast, Goosinals offers an exciting opportunity to own and showcase exceptional digital art.



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.028 BTC

Supply: 10,000

Number of Owners: 2.7K

Total Volume: 49.3329 BTC


#4: Ordinal Maxi Biz


Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB) is an exceptional NFT collection that has been taking the market by storm. With a price floor of $8,549.67 today and a 24-hour sales volume of 1.26 BTC, OMB is an incredibly sought-after asset with immense growth potential.

Currently, there are 2,100 unique NFTs minted, and owned by 1,258 individuals, making OMB a diverse and vibrant community. The total market cap stands at an impressive $17,954,303, highlighting the substantial value and demand for these exclusive digital assets.



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.275 BTC

Supply: 2.1K

Number of Owners: 1.3K

Total Volume: 489.1536 BTC


#5: Bitcoin Punks


Bitcoin Punks, the latest innovation to hit the blockchain world! These unique digital assets are the first byte-perfect uploads of the original Ethereum CryptoPunks onto the Bitcoin Blockchain, thanks to cutting-edge Ordinal theory.

The passionate holders of Bitcoin Punks are dedicated to spreading the word through their website, Twitter, and Discord channels, where they share intriguing stories and updates about these rare collectibles.

To build a secure and reliable platform, every uploaded image undergoes an intensive hash verification process against the original 10k punk images. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each Bitcoin Punk is verified and authenticated with precision.



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.0465 BTC

Supply: 10,000

Number of Owners: 6.2K

Total Volume: 77.8418 BTC


#6: Rare Sats

Discover the incredible world of Bitcoin and the Ordinals Protocol, where every single Bitcoin is comprised of a staggering 100 million sats. With the groundbreaking indexing method introduced by Ordinals, each individual sat can now be uniquely numbered and tracked.

Explore the realm of rare sats, also known as exotic or unique sats, which hold immense value and significance for collectors. Witness how artists are elevating their creations by incorporating these rare sats, adding unparalleled value and distinctiveness to their art.

As Ordinals continues to advance, it presents an exhilarating and ever-changing landscape for both artists and collectors. Gain insight into these pivotal developments to navigate the captivating world of Ordinals with confidence and enthusiasm!


Website: -

Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023):

Supply: 2.4K

Number of Owners: -

Total Volume: 21.1788 BTC


#7: Bitcoin Whales


According to Investopedia, there are about 1,000 people who own 40% of the market. These whales have the power to influence the value of the currency, and with the recent fluctuations in bitcoin, they're attracting more attention.

Industry data shows around 13% of all Bitcoin, equivalent to about $80 billion, is held in just over 100 individual accounts. Additionally, it stated that almost 40% of all Bitcoin (approximately $240 billion) is owned by fewer than 2,500 known accounts out of roughly 100 million in total. This highlights the significant impact these whales have on the cryptocurrency market!



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.005 BTC

Supply: 8.3K

Number of Owners: 3.8K

Total Volume: 25.0044 BTC


#8: OSH (ORC-Cash)


Through this innovative protocol, data can be inscribed onto a single Sat within any UTXO, resulting in the creation of an Inscription (the data package) and an Ordinal (the inscribed Sat). This inscription is guaranteed to be included in the block space and stored on-chain in every node across the network.

Thanks to the Ordinals Protocol, each inscription is assigned a unique ID and serial number. Furthermore, the Ordinal itself becomes a valuable tradable asset that represents the timestamped inscription packaged into an existing block on the chain. Embrace this cutting-edge protocol to unlock new possibilities for data management and exchange on UTXO-based networks!



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.0008 BTC

Supply: 21K

Number of Owners: 1.4K

Total Volume: 16.0121 BTC


#9: OrdiRats


OrdiRats is a unique collection of 2000 one-of-a-kind pixel art rats stored securely on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each rat in this NFT collection has been meticulously designed and crafted with attention to detail, making them truly special digital assets. As part of the growing trend of NFTs, orders offer an exciting opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of digital art while benefiting from the security and transparency provided by blockchain technology.

The artwork is designed to be rare and exclusive, with only 2000 available in total. Each rat comes with its distinct characteristics and design, ensuring that no two are alike. By leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain, orders provide a reliable and immutable ledger for verifying ownership and provenance.



Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.016 BTC

Supply: 1.9K

Number of Owners: 743

Total Volume: 9.5827 BTC


#10: Doge Punk


Doge Punk is a groundbreaking ecosystem of tokens designed to work together in harmony. Each token within the Doge Punk family is tailored for different use cases, ensuring versatility and broad applicability. As these tokens interact and support one another, the entire ecosystem thrives.

What sets Doge Punk apart is its emphasis on mutual growth within the ecosystem. With each token's success contributing to the collective progress, the team behind DOGEPUNK ensures a robust and healthy environment for all members.

The beauty of Doge Punklies is in its interconnectedness, enabling multiple tokens to flourish simultaneously. This interconnected support system not only promotes individual token growth but also advances the collective prosperity of the entire ecosystem.


Collection URL:

Price Floor (As of November 2023): 0.008 BTC

Supply: 10K

Number of Owners: 3.6K

Total Volume: 82.7337 BTC