Governing DeFi on Bitcoin.
The ALEX Lab Foundation ("the Foundation") is a non-profit organization supporting the governance and growth of the ALEX DeFi protocol.
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What we do
GovernanceThe Foundation is the seat of governance for ALEX DeFi, serving as an impartial forum allowing diverse $ALEX holders to build consensus on the future direction of the protocol.
ResearchWe support research and development by analysts, independent contributors and collaborators towards advancing the decentralized financial infrastructure of Web3.
EducationThe Foundation offers tools and resources to educate new users and developers on DeFi generally and ALEX specifically.
IDOsWe receive applications from emerging projects interested in launching their token.
Data Tools
How does the Launchpad work?
The ALEX Launchpad allows emerging projects to launch their tokens through a fair and decentralized IDO lottery to a community of tens of thousands of token buyers.
ALEX Launchpad
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